Thursday 24 February 2011

Bass Drum Stencil (Dead School)

These loverly people asked me to paint their band logo (logo?) onto their bass drum skin. This is Dead School, check 'em out on Facebook. They're gigging quite a bit, next one is.. tomorrow at The Quad! Me thinks they have a good few lined up for March also.
This was done with matte enamel paint (won't crack while being used) which you can get in all lovable geeky model painting shops, t'was only 1.40 for a tiny tub in Marks Models. It needed 8 coats, millions of thin coats works out much better than a few heavy blobby coats. I think it turned out crisper than expected as stenciling has not always gone right for me.
As you can see it came out a little blobby after removing the stencil, alot of it was paper too. I used an old flat calligraphy pen from my childhood. One of those things that I just knew I'd have a use for down the line for let's say oh I dunno..what if I become friends with a guy in a band that needs his band name painted on the drum skin and urgently needed something to scrape the left over paint with.. or something like that..
I know there's probably like 3 people that read this little blog but if there's anyone out there who would like me to paint something onto a drum skin (actually, anything!) preferably if you give me something to work from I'd be thrilled to do it for really cheap! And I mean cheap.


  1. Hey, thanks for the add! I always perv on the blogs of people who click "follow" on my blog but I'm rarely as jealous as this. You make awesome stuff that I would display proudly upon my person and you should know that. Do you sell your things anywhere other then Crosshaven?

  2. Thank YOU for being so nice and adding me back! I'm absolutely in love with your blog. It makes me Laugh. Out. Loud.
    I'm not selling my shtuff anywhere at the moment but if you ever see anything that tickles yer fancy I'd be more than happy to post it to you with a "follower/cool blogger" discount of course!