Friday 4 December 2015

Y4S1 Studio // Translucent Forms Photograms

Removing the camera entirely from the image making by doing some photograms. Translucent forms are placed on photographic paper in the same position of how it was exposed. Combining the 3 dimensional object with its flat representation. Light appears dark and dark appears light, being the nature of photograms. Similar to the optical installations, the photograms have a reductive quality and reveal the essence of photography; light. There is a compression of time and space but an emphasis on light.

Y4S1 Studio // Constructed Forms Pinholes

Pinhole shots from various cameras and film

Thursday 3 December 2015

Y4S1 Studio // Optical Installations

After working on pinhole cameras and camera obscuras, I've begun experimenting with optical installations. This led me to tearing down the walls of the camera entirely. These demonstrate how beautifully simple the basics of photography are. Light which shines on constructed forms passes through a lens in order to be projected inverted on a screen. I'm also really interested in revealing the translation of a 3 dimensional object into a flat representation. These forms are constructed without meaning, only to be 3 dimensional objects. I'm thinking of experimenting with moving objects and to add a participatory element to these installations.

Experimenting with different materials to project onto. The translucency of one material allows you to see through the lens which gives a 3D effect as you move around. 

As the image is inverted it appears disjointed from the subject. Might be interesting to have forms partially projected to highlight this fragmentation.

Monday 12 October 2015

Y4S1 Studio // Constructing Pinhole Cameras

First 5 various sized pinhole cameras made. Set up together to take a shot of my arms, each camera at various exposure times.

8 and 13 minutes exposure

Large biscuit tin camera with layered and slanted slots for negatives.

Preparing metal sheets for 18 pinhole camera. These sheets are beautiful art objects in themselves.

Y4S1 Studio // Dud Negatives

Dud Negatives from pinhole cameras.
Scratched. Sanded. Painted. Marked. Even bled on, accidentally. 

Friday 15 May 2015

Y3S2 // Presentation of Work

Coming back from Poland I had a large body of photographs of my travelling. I wanted to present it as a mapping out of my thought process. The act of looking and association to make sense of the environment. It can be interesting and stimulating but it can also be confusing and tiring.

Sunday 10 May 2015

Y3S2 Studio // First Pinhole Photographs

First images from a pinhole camera made from a sweet tin. An intimate camera to take some intimate shots. Love the unpredictability of this process. 

contact sheet overlaying negatives including some duds

and the camera